What are iTaalk's favorite iPad/iPod Accessories?
We at iTaalk are often asked "What are your favorite accessories?"  Well, here's your answer!  There is something here for every user, as we have many different users here at iTaalk.  Be it the iPad, iPod or iPhone, we have got something for you!!!  To have your case or accessory listed, please contact accessories@itaalk.org
Featured: Trident Kraken for iPad 2
Total Protection
Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.
Clear PET Screen Shield

Scratch-resistant clear PET screen protector shields the device from fingerprints, smudges, scratches and moisture while maintaining complete touchscreen interactivity.

Dust and Debris Insulation

Built-in screen protector seals edges of the device while the headphone jack and the 30-pin connector port are fully protected under silicone plugs when not in use. The speaker is protected underneath a micro dust filter, keeping out dust and debris particles.

Firm Clasps

The top of the case is outfitted with snug clamps for maximum security and a reliable hold.

Purchase: Kraken for iPad 2

New!!! Shell for iPad 2 (Pre-Order) 

$64.95  www.trtlbot.com
Ships January 20, 2012

FEATURES that make this iPad case a real contender...
• Durable, Lightweight Design
Retractable Home Button Protector - Ensures apps/settings will be safe when sharing your iPad with your family
Multipurpose Handle for Carrying, Standing iPad Up, and Typing
Holes for Toting
• Enhanced Sound Design - Redirects Sound to the Front
• Eco-friendly, Made from Recycled Plastic
• Non-toxic, BPA Free, and Dishwasher Safe
• Made in USA
• Patent Pending

iMainGo2 or iMainGoX
For iPod Touch and iPhone 

This little box packs quite a punch as far as speakers go.  Not only it is an incredible speaker, it is a perfect protective box for our rowdy little ones! Check out the review by CNET...this is a quality accessory for any iPod/iPhone user (including mom and dad!) The iMainGo 2 is the lesser expensive of the two and sells for around $39.99 on amazon.com.

Big Grips!  
Need we say more?  This iPad case is AWESOME!  Lightweight, squishy (Gumby-like material) and colorful (blue, green, pink or grey).  Stood the test of our kiddos (floated to the top of the pool ... iPad was only minimally damaged, bounced when dropped out of the wheelchair, etc). 
A stand can be bought separately.  Retails for $34.99 for the cover and $49.99 for the cover and stand.  Sold for iPad 1 and iPad 2. 
Purchase Info: Big Grips iPad Cases.  
This great little sticky stops toddlers (and big kids who like to push buttons) from clearing the iPod/iPhone/iPad over and over and over and.......

A four pack of   will cost you between $5-7.

The only thing worse than a non-verbal kiddo not having a their own device is the device going dead halfway through their school day and having to stay a cord-link away from a computer while it charges.  

Here's the answer...a Portable iPod/iPhone charger.  Charge this little guy and drop it in your child's backpack and when their phone loses it's charge halfway through the day, they just plug this portable device in their iPod or iPhone and off they go!  This charger sells for $22.95 on Amazon.com.