iTaalk Autism Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit, providing interactive technology education and solutions to individuals with autism and related special needs, their parents and the professionals that serve them.
Have you ever seen an app on sale or even FREE, and thought "it looks great, but not for my kid" or "I don't even know how to use it"?  This Practical APPlication blog will feature free or discounted apps and provide practical tips on using them in ways you may not have even considered! 

Brooke Olson, President of iTaalk Autism Foundation with Aidan (July 2011, iPad Recipient)
"Off-label" Uses for Apps!

In the world of autism and special needs, I just can't get away from the term "off-label" use!  We treat my son with "Off-label" meds, and NOW..."off-label" apps.

Here's a great use for a real "grown-up" app in the special needs world!!!

Many parents like myself are concerned about the quality of life our children will have as they age and potentially move into group homes. I wanted something that would allow an individual with trouble recalling events to be able to communicate with home. In my search to find an "app for that", I came across Chapters. This app allows an individual the opportunity to add photos in a journal like format. When you open chapters, it opens to todays journal entry, easily insert photos from your photo library, enlarge, rotate, shrink, etc. THEN...simply click on the envelope to email to an email from your address book. Simple steps that could be taught or even scheduled into the daily activities. Chapters does allow for text as well...which allows for more function with a reader/typer!

Here's a link to Chapters App:

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