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Finding Funds

Tuesday's Treasures is a weekly blog that features a different non-profit offering grants and/or funding to families/individuals. We will provide current information on the grant, details for qualification, deadlines, and also tips from the organization itself. 

Throughout 2012, Tuesday's Treasures will highlight 52 different organizations in hopes that at least one will meet the need(s) of each parent/family in the iTaalk circle of friends!  
2013 Tuesday Treasure #2--The Puzzling Piece iPad Challenge


Everyone can receive an iPad. This wonderful organization developed a program that not only brings awareness to autism; they help families, schools, and other organizations fundraise to get iPads.


Sell 60 pieces of qualifing items and you get a brand new iPad mailed to you. Sound easy? It is. There are puzzle piece necklaces, key chains, & corkscrews for those wanting to promote autism awareness. There are also hearts and Smiling Sams for anyone that loves a child with special needs.


If you would like to get started contact Melissa Winters at or 201-602-0547 and she will help you get a page set up to start selling your pieces. With social media, e-mail and combinding with other fundraising events you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll sell 60 pieces.


Check out the items at  


Tuesday Treasure #1 for


This is an image of the homepage with an official YouTube logo.As part of celebrating's 10th anniversary of citizen service, they are pleased to offer you a new and exciting way to stay connected with our YouTube channel, now featuring their first tutorial video.

You can learn how to get the most value out of using by visiting the official YouTube channel at If you already have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking the "Subscribe" button at the top of the channel page. Subscribing allows you to receive notifications when new videos are posted and provides an easy way to quickly access your favorite videos. Even if you do not have a YouTube account, you can still view the informative and helpful videos about the site and its features at any time.

The YouTube channel currently showcases a self-help video about the site's confidential prescreening tool, the Benefit Finder. The Benefit Finder Tutorial video is a step-by-step visual guide designed to help you better understand how the Benefit Finder works. This short but informative tutorial also aims to help answer common questions you may have while using the Benefit Finder tool. To turn on the closed captioning, or to use translation, please click on the "CC" icon below the video to adjust your settings.


Treasure #6 is Joni and Friends!!!!

What drew me to Joni and Friends was their grant that they administer called the Christian Fund for the Disabled. CFD provides one-time grants to qualifying individuals in the United States and Internationally in cooperation with mission organizations or churches that are willing to provide matching funds. CFD is administered through their Area Ministries in the U.S. -- Area Ministry staff provide CFD applications which are assessed and then sent to the CFD committee for final review. Requests must reflect a practical equipment or educational need relating to a disability concern, or a disability outreach project or program which includes an evangelism component. Grants are also available to churches desiring to become accessible. For Guidelines and application contact:

Karen Johnson, CFD Coordinator

Joni and Friends

P.O. Box 3333

Agoura Hills, CA 91376


Phone: (818) 707-5664; Fax: (818) 575-1798


Now a friend of mine is fond of Joni and Friends for another reason and here is her story. (Kind of like a guest blogger! Thanks Kate!)

We went to a weekend family camp in August of 2010. It was at this camp that we found out about Joni and Friends. We became aware that they offered a weeklong camp at different locations throughout the United States and abroad. I called them first thing the following Monday. We talked about what Joni and Friends was all about and what their mission was. I asked about the family camp I had heard so much about the previous weekend. The camp started the next week, so I figured it would be full for this session and was asking about the next camp. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call two days later asking if we could attend the session just a few days away. There was a family that had a full scholarship but was unable to attend. Our family was able to slide into that slot.

My husband was unable to secure the time off of work in such a short notice.  I took both of my kiddos and drove 5 hours to get to camp. I was very thankful that the drive went so very well. When we got to camp it was like a pep rally waiting for us. There were people with banners, pompoms and welcome signs everywhere! Instantly it felt like we were going to have some fun.

We got settled into our room and met our short term missionaries (STM).  We had a STM for each of the kids and it was great to have extra support so there were less worries. There was a connection with the other parents who understood my worries and concerns.  It was another Mom who had been to Family Camp before that reassured me that my kids would be fine. I was worried as my son likes to run and has no regard for his personal safety. After explaining all of this to his STM, I started to relax.

The camp itself is in Jumonville, PA. It was in the mountains with lots of little hills to climb to go back and forth to each building. It was fun to explore the camp and the grounds. There were activities planned for every hour, including a down time for a couple of hours each day. The kids had separate activities planned, so although we were separated, the kids had so much fun. The STM’s let each child choose what they wanted to do. My son is obsessed with picking dandelions and his STM spent hours in the field picking “flowers” with him.

At one of the breakout sessions, there was pampering for the women. This included manicures and foot reflexology. The entire time was about recharging my own energies. The STM’s even ate meals with our family and helped the kids while I ate.  The last dinner was a picnic dinner for couples and a served meal for those without a partner with them.  Members from a local church served as wait staff and decorated the tablescape in a Tropical theme.

The week was an amazing experience and simply a chance to relax and recharge. It would not have been possible for our family to attend without the funding provided to us through Joni and Friends.


 After hearing Kate's story I researched and found that Joni and Friends reaches thousands of families affected by disability around the globe through radio and television ministries, the Wheels for the World international wheelchair distribution ministry, Family Retreats to provide respite for those with disabilities and their families, Field Services to provide church training along with educational and inspirational resources at a local level, the Christian Institute on Disability (CID) to establish a firm biblical worldview on disability-related issues, and the Christian Fund for the Disabled. Many wonderful resources for families with children that have special healthcare needs! Check them out.




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