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Re: (NAME)

AAC device – iPad Proloquo2go


To Whom It May Concern:


As (NAME)’s private speech pathologist I have evaluated and worked with (NAME) over the past (LENGTH OF SERVICE). I use my iPad with (him/her) regularly and have purchased the Proloquo2go program for my device as a generic adjustment program for (him/her) before (he/she) received (his/her) own. (He/she) has demonstrated exciting interest in the use of the iPad as a communication device and has excelled in using it as both a therapy task device and as a way to communicate (his/her) wants and needs for general communication. For a child with severe verbal apraxia, this communication ability has made (him/her) less frustrated with life decisions and more able to comply with adult directives.


(NAME) has good receptive language and is able to follow single-step and at times 2-step instructions. As (he/she) continues to become more independent, it is becoming frustrating for (him/her) to not be able to express (him/her-self). This will eventually affect social development thus creating a whole new set of concerns. This device is medically necessary in order for (NAME) to be able to indicate physical and health status (such as giving details about feelings when ill or in pain), letting others know of personal needs and wants, and to request help (especially in emergency situations when (NAME) is at school or with caregivers who may not be familiar with (NAME)’s poor and limited speech).


The iPad with the (Proloquo2go, OR SIMILAR PROGRAM) program should definitely qualify as medical equipment as it is a speech generating device which is directly related to (NAME)’s diagnosis and current therapy program; replaces the abnormal functioning of a body function (verbal speech); is expected to be used for a long-term and will grow with (him/her); and, it is essential to improve (NAME)’s current and future language to assist (him/her) in (his/her) activities of daily living both at home and at school. It would certainly be more cost effective and age appropriate than the more complicated Dynavox systems currently available.


(NAME)’s use of the iPad will continue to be a life long process. Initially it will be as much a learning experience as a communication tool since all programs have a learning curve inherent to them. I believe that (NAME) will be able to use the iPad and Proloquo2go program with success and therefore should be accepted as a necessary medical device for (his/her) health and well-being.