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To Whom It May Concern:                                                                                          Date



This letter is regarding (NAME)’s needs regarding augmentative alternative communication (AAC). (NAME) is a ____ year ______month old (boy/girl) and has a diagnosis of (DIAGNOSIS THAT IS

COVERED BY INSURANCE). (He/She) is severely speech impaired, specifically with very limited speech which is mostly non-intelligible. (He/She) benefits from a model to vocalize and use signs. (NAME) uses a multi- modal approach to communication; using single gestures, signs, picture symbols, and vocalizations.



(NAME) is currently using a communication book with digital photos and picture symbols throughout the day. This low tech augmentative system is functional in certain situations, but does not currently meet (NAME)’s educational, social, and emotional needs. The communication book is limited in the vocabulary that (NAME) is able to communicate. In addition, static picture boards do not provide voice output. The majority of (NAME)’s daily functional communication needs cannot be met with natural speech and/or low tech communication devices. (NAME) uses sign language, but the majority of people (he/she) comes into contact with do not understand the signs or know sign language in general. Therefore, (he/she) requires a speech generating device to maintain functional communication ability.


(NAME) has demonstrated skills that make (him/her) a good candidate to use an AAC system. When presented with line drawing picture symbols on a single page, (NAME) is able to identify pictures from a field of 4 to 8 pictures. (He/She) is able to use (his/her) middle finger or pointer finger to access the pictures. (NAME) is able to identify simple categories (e.g., food/drink, play, go), a skill needed to use an AAC system with dynamic display. (NAME) is also highly motivated to hear the voice when (he/she) pushes each button.


(NAME) has been trialing the Apple iPad with the communication software program (Proloquo2go) since (START DATE OF TRIAL PERIOD). The iPad is currently used in the classroom with all students. (NAME) has been using the device during speech sessions to identify friends and make requests. (NAME) is highly motivated to listen to the voice output and explore the device.


At this time, (NAME)’s receptive language skills are superior to (his/her) expressive language skills. Based on (NAME)’s skills, it was determined that (NAME) requires a communication system that:

  • Allows for voice output as an expressive means to communicate wants and needs.
  • Provides a prompt or model to imitate/verbalize.
  • Uses dynamic displays that match functional and meaningful activities/situations.
  • Allows for sentence building to expand sentences.
  • Allows for vocabulary growth.
  • Is relatively lightweight so that (NAME) can independently carry the device in a variety of settings



Full Name, Affiations

School and Contact Information