iTaalk Autism Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit, providing interactive technology education and solutions to individuals with autism and related special needs, their parents and the professionals that serve them.

 Five ways you can help a child be heard...
1. A Simple Search...Use the iTaalk iTunes Search Widget  
Use the iTaalk iTunes Widget to search for apps, music or media on the iTunes store.  5% of all your purchases go directly to our Grant programs which provide iPads and Apps to individuals with special needs.  Just a LITTLE extra step that makes a BIG difference!
2. Donate a Used iPhone, iPad or iPod
When you donate your used iPhone or similar device to, we will restore your device*, load it with our iTaalk Top 30 Education Apps, and deliver it to a child with Autism. We currently have a list of over 500 families waiting for a device for their child/children.  Used devices should be mailed to: The iTaalk Autism Foundation, 2040 W Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43606. Please include your name, address and a description of the item you are donating for tax purposes. 
3. Become an iTaalk MatchMaker!

In 2012, iTaalk grant applicants will be asked to “Match” or join iTaalk in raising funds toward their device.  We are in need of businesses, corporations or individual donors to participate as MatchMakers!  To be included in our MatchMaker Hall of Fame, make a donation of $250 using the link below. Donations of less than $250 will be included as a community partner listing.  100% of funding made through this MatchMaker link will go to providing devices to children with autism.  As soon as we receive funding from a MatchMaker or a total of $250, iTaalk will ship an iPad to the next qualified applicant from our waiting list, or to a MatchMaker's directed applicant*.  Then, we work with the family to fundraise for their portion.  This ensures that every MatchMaker donation is a success! Click below to donate to the MatchMaker program!

*Directed gifts may not be deductible, please check with your personal certified public accountant or tax preparer.

4. Gift an App!
Many families save over months or even years to purchase an iPad for their child, only to find the app their child needs is another $100 or $200.  Other families find that keeping up with their child's growing skill level to be just as expensive...progressing through academic apps at amazing speeds is exhilarating for the child and the parent, but very pricey!!!  A $10 iTunes gift card can mean the gift of a whole new curriculum for a child!  iTaalk gladly accepts in-kind donations of iTunes Gift Cards and App Codes.  Gift Cards and Apps purchased through the iTaalk iTunes widget DOUBLE bless us with an additional 5% coming back to our organization.  Gift Cards and App Codes should be gifted to and purchased through the search box at the top of the page!
5. Make a financial contribution

iTaalk is a completely volunteer organization and is a 501c3 as determined by the IRS.  Donations received go 100% to funding education and devices to individuals with special needs.  For more information visit About iTaalk. Checks should be mailed to: The iTaalk Autism Foundation, 2040 W Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43606.  Or, you may donate online using a credit card or PayPal, simply click on the link below.

General Donation

Additional questions, comments or requests for our determining letter should be directed to: